Eleanor Friedberger

Eleanor Friedberger's video for "Heaven" starts with a shot of her drinking a glass of red wine on an ocean pier before an angel takes her aside and remonstratively shows her a slideshow of her life's worst sins, which include making out with an Asian guy and swigging from a bottle of whiskey (a caption appears on the bottom screen with the word "CAROUSING"). By the end of the clip, Friedberger's sitting on a throne in hell, which tells us what she thinks about a life of sobriety. Friedberger is too fun for that—her Last Summer, one of 2011's most underrated records, is vibrantly alive. The wonderfully colorful lyrics mostly detail love's disappointments ("Watching Footloose with the biggest bottle of vodka in the world," she sings on "Inn of the Seventh Ray"), but they're balanced out by the jaunty, piano-driven, 70s-style pop melodies. It's intimate carousing music—so do bring your pocket flask along. With Dominant Legs, Blouse. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Thu., Feb. 9, 8 p.m., 2012

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