Seattle Weekly's Drinking Issue

From news to reviews, an issue saturated in booze.

Ever notice how everything's better after 3 to 9 drinks? Including writing. And reading. And reporting. And taking photos. And designing clever graphics. So we got to thinking: How about saturating an entire issue, from news to movie reviews, in booze? Well, here you have it: a Seattle Weekly completely devoid of sobriety, one which tells you where to take your kids out drinking, what bottles of booze to pair with specific DVD rentals, what cocktail octogenarian City Councilmember Jean Godden relies upon to keep her blood circulating properly, and what fans of Dead Moon and Alabama Shakes like to guzzle during live performances. If your copy is soaked in spillage by the time you reach the massage ads in the back? That's probably how your bartender (and maybe the masseuse) intended it. Cheers!


Point: Where to drink with your kids.

Counterpoint: Why kids don't belong in bars.

What Seattle drinks: From Ichiro to the mayor.

Surviving the Pacific Northwest's biggest booze bacchanal.

Local musicians create tune-inspired cocktails.

A guide to being sober in bars.

The best video-and-booze pairings. (Bonus: Where to drink at the movies.

Why drinking is essential to the karaoke experience.

Seattle's top three cannabis drinks.

Booze-free boning.

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