I'm not a big sports fan, but when I find myself watching the game, I often root for the underdog. Watching director (and former roadie) Sacha Gervasi's 2009 documentary about his beloved but down-on-their luck Canadian metal band Anvil extracted a similar emotional response: here was a group who toured with Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, and the Scorpions in the early '80s and influenced everyone from Metallica to Anthrax, but in spite of all their heart, stamina, and big hair, never achieved the lasting success of their contemporaries. Their fourtheenth LP, Juggernaut of Justice, was released last year, and while it hardly captures the metal one-two punch of 1982's Metal on Metal and 1983's Forged in Fire—widely considered their best—the thought that the band's back on the road, rocking out, and making the music they love brings a bit of mist to the eye. With Vultures 2012, Skelator, Motorthrone, Dominus Sabbata. GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT

Sat., Feb. 18, 9 p.m., 2012

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