Big Head Todd & the Monsters

Big Head Todd recently released a Robert Johnson tribute album, but it's another Johnson—Jack—who owes the bulk of his success to Todd Park Mohr & Co. The imposing Korean frontman proved that it was possible to be a collegiate smooth-jam fave without having

to send one's guitar into elongated fits of acid-soaked noodling. Along with the Samples and Dave Matthews, Big Head Todd epitomized the safer, fleece-vested sector of the '90s groove-tune scene, leaving the serious degenerates to tour with the Dead and Phish. There was once a time when seeing Big Head Todd play a venue as intimate as the Neptune would have been a real coup. Yet there's no real reason that time can't be now, as "Bittersweet" still sounds more sweet than bitter. With Roger Clyne. MIKE SEELY

Sat., Feb. 18, 8 p.m., 2012

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