Buck 65

Nova Scotian Richard Terfry is an unlikely figure in hip hop. He was raised in a rural setting and heralded as the next great Yankee shortstop before his baseball career was cut short by a shoulder injury. Terfry has always spun his personal experiences into semi-self-referential poetry on record, and his lyrics frequently touch on both baseball and his former country way of life, which is accentuated by his mock-cowboy rasp. Now a seasoned veteran on the indie-rap circuit, he most recently released 20 Odd Years, an album which features left-field collaborations from a number of non-hip hop artists (notably Mister Heavenly/Islands frontman Nick Thorburn), and although his delivery is still as stop-start as ever, it's some of his better work. Though his collaborators probably won't all be in tow, his sizable cult following should be, so grab a ticket ahead of time. With Busdriver, Metal Chocolates, Sadistik. TODD HAMM

Fri., Feb. 17, 9:30 p.m., 2012

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