The Grizzled Mighty

The Grizzled Mighty is a blues-rock duo with a female drummer (Whitney Petty, formerly of Deerhunter) who plays simple, bare-bones beats and a frontman, Ryan Granger, whose guitar work and vocals are raw and distorted. Anyone who's been paying attention to rock music over the past ten years can tell where this is going, but the Whites Stripes comparison doesn't entirely hold up. On its self-titled debut album, the Grizzled Mighty instead recalls the early work of the Black Keys, lacking the pop sensibilities that graced White Stripes songs like "Fell in Love With a Girl" but making up for it with a hard-nosed punk edge. In short, the Grizzled Mighty play gritty, garage-leaning rock music—a sound with plenty of referents besides Jack White—and play it well. With Sundries, Mystery Ship. ANDREW GOSPE

Wed., Feb. 15, 9 p.m., 2012

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