Atlas Sound

Since releasing his first record as Atlas Sound in 2008, the difference between Bradford Cox's work with Deerhunter and with his solo project has become increasingly negligible. Consider last year's Parallax, Cox's most recent release as Atlas Sound. Its songs are skewed '50s pop numbers that sound like full-band arrangements, fleshed out by Cox's penchant for noise and ambiance. It's not all that different from Deerhunter's last album, 2010's Halcyon Digest, which largely followed the same formula. At this point, the projects are most different in a live setting, where, despite how full and rich his Atlas Sound material is, Cox still performs solo. It's a setup that lends weight to his uncomfortably personal lyrics while emphasizing his place as one of indie rock's most prolific and creative songwriters. With Carnivores, Frankie Broyles. ANDREW GOSPE

Tue., Feb. 28, 7 p.m., 2012

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