Christian Slater

On the innocuous surface of David Lynch's unforgettably freaky 1986 Blue Velvet are Laura Dern and Kyle MacLachlan (Yakima's proud son) as small-town sweethearts. Then, as the voyeuristic MacLachlan learns, there are darker hearts beating nearby, those belonging to Frank (Dennis Hopper) and his beloved captive chanteuse (Isabella Rossellini). If she—no simple victim—enchants our hero, pulls him into the darkness, Frank is even more the seducer. He literally takes the kid on a ride, a tour through a violent, sexually charged underworld that is, of course, a huge turn-on for the innocent lad. With his square jaw and vigorous dark hair, MacLachlan could pass as a young Ronald Reagan, and part of the movie's impact was to peel back the "It's Morning in America" façade to Reagan's '80s, revealing something rotting beneath. And, if nothing else, Frank's angry drinking tutorial helped revive the PBR brand. So hipsters have him to thank for that. Call for showtimes. (R) BRIAN MILLER

March 2-7, 2012

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