Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla never set out to be a tech maven, he explains by phone from L.A. "The whole eBook thing and all that [podcast] stuff just became this weird necessity," he says. "It somehow just came about after I got off of terrestrial radio and got onto the Internet. I never really had a history in that. I was more of a gearhead than a gadgethead, back in the day." And yet, as also discovered by comics including Marc Maron (whose WTF interview podcasts have become huge), Carolla appreciates how the Internet offers a freedom and direct access to listeners denied by rigid TV and radio formats. (See iTunes and for The Adam Carolla Show.) The technical details he leaves to others, he says. "All I do is provide the content. I just talk into a microphone. The technological part—it doesn't matter if it's coming from an old AM Zenith radio or is coming from someone's iPad." Then there are the eBooks, like his Rich Man, Poor Man, which presents "fun facts about what rich and poor people share in common." The illustrated satire is sold as a Kindle download, and Carolla chuckles at the irony that Amazon's Jeff Bezos is one such rich dude. One example from the book? "It's like having outdoor appliances: Super-rich guys have a washer-dryer next to their pool cabana, and poor guys have a washing machine on their front porch, with racoons living in it. It's like outdoor showers. If you're taking outdoor showers, you're either super-rich or super-poor. It's not really a middle-class thing." BRIAN MILLER

Fri., March 9, 8 p.m., 2012

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