Hunx and His Punx

Seth Bogart, the "Hunx" in Hunx and His Punx, got his start as the go-go boy/musical auteur of Bay Area electro-trash outfit Gravy Train!!!, a band of raunchy, queer co-eds who rapped about dicks, titties, and 40s over Casio preset beats. He's since reinvented himself as a credible singer of retro, '60s girl group style prom pop and garage rock, though with the queer and raunch safely intact. More exciting on the hometown front, though, are Hunx's Hardly Arts label-mates Grave Babies. The fantastically sullen quartet also start with something like garage rock or pop punk, but then dial up the reverb and distortion until the pop hooks are all but obliterated and the vocals are an unintelligible smear. Their forthcoming EP is called Gothdammit, which gives you an idea of both their sartorial outlook and the fact that a certain sense of mischievous humor undercuts all their doom and gloom. With Heavy Cream, TacocaT. ERIC GRANDY

Fri., March 23, 8 p.m., 2012

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