Bob Friel

Anyone who followed the saga of Camano Island's Colton Harris-Moore probably assumed the plane-stealin' folk hero would eventually end up the subject of a book. Or books. First out of the gate was Jackson Holtz's Fly, Colton, Fly, based on his reporting for the Everett Herald. Now comes The Barefoot Bandit (Hyperion, $25.99) from itinerant magazine writer Bob Friel, who moved to Orcas Island in 2007 to get away from crime-ridden Orlando. Which is ironic, since the story of his life ended up right in his backyard—or, more specifically, in the crawlspace underneath his house. Like many Orcas-ites, Friel found himself churned into Harris-Moore's felonious wake when the teen outlaw started using his home as a hideaway. And it's that mix of I-was-there personal history, plus Friel's ability to get Harris-Moore's notoriously press-shy mother to speak—did you know she brought baby Colt home from the hospital in a white limo?—that makes Barefoot Bandit such a page-turner. CALEB HANNAN

Thu., April 5, 7 p.m., 2012

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