Talkin' Baseball With Sleigh Bells

Even if they'd rather be talking football.

Before playing Showbox SoDo in support of their latest album, Reign of Terror, Derek Miller, half of the Brooklyn noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells, was kind enough to a swing at a few of our questions about our national pastime.

SW: What team do you root for?

Miller: I don't watch baseball. I wish this was your football issue! I'm a big, big football fan.

When was the last time you went to a ballgame?

The last game I went to, I was probably 13. I went with my dad in West Palm Beach, and the stadium doesn't even exist anymore. It was the minor-league Expos.

Do you own a cap with a baseball logo on it?

I do not.

Have you ever destroyed something using a baseball bat?

Mailboxes, many of them.

Can you throw a curveball?

I can throw a fastball.

Did you see Moneyball?

I did. I loved Moneyball. It was incredible. I thought it was excellent. I really like Aaron Sorkin. It was just a great story, really smart. It was awesome.

Do you know what RBI stands for?

Runners batted in.

Do you know where the Baseball Hall of Fame is?

Is it Ohio?

Better mustache: Rollie Fingers or Goose Gossage?

I don't know who either of those dudes are, but I'm going to go with Goose—however, I'm referencing Goose from Top Gun, which is my favorite movie, and he also has an excellent mustache.


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