Ring My Belle: High Times Cannabis Cookbook

Rollin' down the street, eatin' endo...

Dude. Cheetos-encrusted fried chicken. Fried in THC oil. It's a real thing! And the recipe can be found between the stoney pages of the new High Times Cannabis Cookbook, along with several other super-irie pot-infused dishes like Tom Yum Ganja and Wake and Bake Eggnog French Toast.

But if you're looking for a doja-tinged dish to pair with your gin and juice, look no further than the "Stoner Celebrity Favorite," Lil' Snoop Hot Doggy Doggs. With so much drama in the LBC, you deserve a cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped, deep-fried hot dog, served on a toasted bun smeared with cannabis-infused butter. No stranger to the stove, Snoop has paired with Martha Stewart to make brownies ("Why not bake 'em at 420 degrees?"), mashed potatoes (he adds cognac), and, consequently, the only truly hilarious daytime-talk-show cooking segment in existence.

Not into rap? Page 64's recipe is for Texas Cannabis Chili, a la Willie Nelson. 


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