Kyle Seager's Greatest Hits

Old people love the miniature Mariner like they love a stiff Tacoma drink.

Despite a start to the 2012 campaign that's actually included a wee bit of offense, it's already apparent that the Mariners will not be winning the World Series this year. But that's not because Kyle Seager isn't giving it his fucking all.

Seager is an infielder out of the University of North Carolina, drafted by the Mariners in 2009—the same year the club took fellow Tar Heel Dustin Ackley with the second overall pick. While it's very early, Seager has been impressive so far. One guy who's not surprised is Tacoma Rainiers announcer Mike Curto, who got a brief chance to cover Seager last year during the third baseman's time in T-Town. While Seager was only in Tacoma for a total of 24 games, his hard work, no-nonsense approach, and tiny stature (think Tom Cruise-in-person small) left an impression on the Triple-A play-by-play man: "It was kind of a whirlwind when he was here, because he could literally do no wrong in the PCL," says Curto. "He was getting two or three hits every single day.

"He's just a baseball rat. He's one of those guys that works really hard, and has been playing the game and working at the game his whole life, a lot like Ackley in that regard," Curto adds, noting that Ackley and Seager have been playing with or against each other since childhood.

That's all well and good, but real fans want the inside dirt—like what Tacoma bar Seager best compares to.

"He works hard. Kind of old-school. Deceptive strength. Maybe something like Harbor Lights," offers Curto, comparing Seager to the moderately iconic Ruston Way watering hole. "I never go there, but it's been there a long time, and they're obviously doing something right. They're known for their strong drinks. And he's appealing to older people, like coaches and managers."

Kyle Seager: like a bar in Tacoma really old people like.

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