Alice Gosti has been flinging food around in a series of works about family and home. (Her Spaghetti Company is named after her usual ammunition.) But for the launch of this triple bill, the pasta should stay on the plateā€”or so we judge from the title of her piece, I always wanted to give you a pink elephant. The occasion is SCUBA, a project that aims to get young choreographers on the road. Its sponsors are Velocity Dance Center, ODC Theater in San Francisco, and Philadelphia Dance Projects. Alongside Gosti, Allie Hankins is also a local talent, with a new solo piece based on the life and work of dance legend Vaslav Nijinsky, called Like a Sun that Pours Forth Light but Never Warmth. Gabrielle Revlock is the out-of-towner, from Philadelphia, and her A Fork and Stick Thing, based on birds responding to hip-hop music, sound like it could pass for an animal behavior research project. SANDRA KURTZ

May 4-6, 8 p.m., 2012

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