Justin Halpern

Okay, so maybe the William Shatner-starring TV adaptation of his book Shit My Dad Says didn't find an audience, but it broke Justin Halpern out of the Twitter-sphere and into sitcom-land. His new memoir I Suck at Girls (HarperCollins, $16.99) edges a little closer to narrative, but it's mainly a collection of relatable vignettes about dismal dates, teenage insecurity, and verbal abuse from dad. (Dr. Halpern continues to pour obscenities on his would-be screenwriter son, but in a loving way.) Halpern's slim volume of humiliation—projectile vomiting, working as a virginal dishwasher at Hooters, etc.—is like a literary companion to all those Judd Apatow movies. In fact, it's a book begging to be made into an Apatow movie. I Suck at Girls will reduce nicely to a 90-minute, R-rated rom-com, but after all Halpern's drunken hookup failures, his hard-won success with a commuter romance will earn your applause at the final credits. And an extra bonus before the movie: Tonight Halpern will be joined by the Bushwick Book Club Seattle, performing new songs based on his book. BRIAN MILLER

Tue., May 22, 7 p.m., 2012

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