Lauren Weedman

Former Seattleite Lauren Weedman's comedic prowess continues to turn heads in Hollywood. In addition to stealing scenes as the insatiable Horny Patty on HBO's Hung, she recently won raves as a tough yet needy top chef in The Five-Year Engagement (The New Yorker called her bit "irresistible"). But Weedman still tours the country doing solo stage shows, a skill she honed here; and her latest piece is a departure from the "ouch"-inducing, introspective comedy mined from recent experiences. Instead, SRO—Single Room Occupancy reaches back to a time spent in Amsterdam watching American movies like Philadelphia. ("The death scene that leads into the wake? I was 23, okay? It carpe diem-ed me really hard.") Upon her return to Fremont, she took up with a "stalker" who did lawn care and obsessed over horror movies. "I lived above City People's—the dreariest apartment in the world," she explains by phone. "I found this SRO; and the first night I was there, a man was passed out on the toilet. So getting into this ritual with this lawn-care guy watching horror movies every night was sort of comforting." SRO will be more off-the-cuff than usual thanks to her ongoing gig hosting the popular live storytelling event The Moth in Santa Monica. "This time I just want to let stuff happen," says Weedman. "That's usually the best part of the story—the part you find while you're talking." STEVE WIECKING

May 17-19, 8 p.m., 2012

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