Deep End

Jerzy Skolimowski directed Deep End, a blithe but deceptive 1970 coming-of-age film about a teenager (John Moulder-Brown) crushing on his colleague at a municipal pool. Deep End starts as a comedy about the virginal kid's puppy-dogging of the older, considerably more sexually experienced girl (Carnaby Street swan Jane Asher, a pal of the Beatles and supposed inspiration for "Here, There and Everywhere"). Some of the comic bits unfold almost in real time, like Jacques Tati gags, and there's a hilarious Swedish sex-film-within-the-film that Michel Gondry would adore. But the off-kilter charm begins to darken as we see the kid from Asher's perspective. She's an ambivalent player in the sexual revolution, and he's a grenade of pubescent frustration. (NR) BRIAN MILLER

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