Price Check

Do you love Parker Posey, indie movie queen of the '90s? Of course you do. Do you love Dean Wareham, leader of indie bands Galaxie 500, Luna, and Dean & Britta? Again, yes. What if I said you could indulge both these ever-closer-to-40 indie affinities in one short, enjoyable comedy? But here't the catch: It's all about giving up that indie edge, saying farewell to your 30s, paying the mortgage, placating the wife, supporting the kid … and sleeping with your boss (Posey). Michael Walker's debut feature Price Check places Pete (Eric Mabius) in the drab Long Island office of a large supermarket chain. His job has to do with pricing strategies and where to shelve goods. He used to work for an indie label, but he traded that for dull job security. Posey's Susan enters as a pushy, needy, oversharing hellion from L.A.; she immediately shakes up the office, soon doubles Pete's salary, and ingratiates herself with his son and wife. He's flattered, they share the same musical taste (Wareham, wall to wall on the soundtrack and featured in a club scene), but Pete is also worried. Susan's ambitions are more than professional. She tells Pete, "I always get what I want," which sound both desperate and threatening in Posey's manic, comic performance. Be warned that Price Check lacks a proper ending, but maybe its fizzle is just how your 30s end, too. (Repeats 11:30 a.m. Sat.) BRIAN MILLER

Sat., June 2, 6 p.m., 2012

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