Disney's ebullient, irreverent 2007 pop musical plucks a fair-skinned maiden from her animated kingdom and plunks her down in the mean, live-action streets of NYC—whereupon the disoriented Giselle (Amy Adams, in a blissful screwball performance) is rescued by a divorced divorce lawyer (Patrick Dempsey) who wonders if he shouldn't cart her off to Bellevue. A vain, troll-slaying prince (James Marsden) and the requisite wicked stepmother/queen (Susan Sarandon) are soon to follow. Enchanted's screenwriter, Bill Kelly, and director, Kevin Lima, apply their rapier wit to the vernacular of storybook fantasies and to Uncle Walt's storehouse of kiddie-matinee classics, sending them up without violating their elemental appeal. Unlike the Shrek movies, Enchanted isn't pop-culture doused and too cool for the room. It's the sort of buoyant, all-ages entertainment that Hollywood has been laboring to revive in recent years, but hasn't managed to get right until now. (PG) SCOTT FOUNDAS

Sat., July 7, 1 p.m.; Sun., July 8, 1 p.m., 2012

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