Truckasauras' rough-hewn, analog electronic sound—only sometimes 8-bit—and trash-Americana image had them pigeonholed from day one, so no wonder they're attempting to diversify in 2012. Rather than just drop their third album and play shows to support it, they've set up an ongoing series of live events—not just "standard" Truck shows but also DJ nights and audio/video experiments—designed to gradually tease out and release what will become an album titled 2012 as well as to screw with the divide between live shows and the studio, the artist and the audience, etc. (They've also collaborated the excellent new track "Bothell Trance," a 15-minute arc of 8-Bit Steve Reich gamelan, to the ICA Soundworks show in London.) Some of these events are better than others, but a "sausage party" featuring punked Truck alias Dingus and the Buttfucks promises a good ol' time. With Lord Chillum, Fab Rick. ERIC GRANDY

Thu., June 28, 8 p.m., 2012

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