Mariners vs. Rangers

This is the 36th year the Seattle Mariners have been in existence. They have made the playoffs four times, never advancing to the World Series. They are currently on course to finish last in the American League West for the seventh time in nine seasons. Many of their prized youngsters—Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley and Mike Carp in particular—are suffering through disappointing seasons, while veterans such as Ichiro Suzuki, Chone Figgins, Miguel Olivo and Brendan Ryan are in clear to severe decline. When ex-Mariner Jamie Moyer was in town a couple weeks ago, the Mariner broadcast team ventured to come up with an all-time starting rotation. Moyer was included, as were Randy Johnson and Felix Hernandez. But there was no consensus as for who the other two should be, and not because there was an overabundance of options. That a major league baseball franchise only produces a memorably productive starting pitcher every dozen years is as sure a signal as any that the Mariners are one of the most poorly run organizations in the history of professional sports. If you still believe, you're a masochist. The draw here is the Texas Rangers (visiting through Sunday), who've risen from a similar run of futility to become everything the Mariners aren't: entertaining, cohesive, and consistently successful. Oh, and tonight there's a "Girls Night Out " promotion at the park, with free manicures 'n shit. MIKE SEELY

Fri., July 13, 7:10 p.m.; July 14-15, 2012

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