Bob Saget

Consider all the things that have happened in the world since Full House ended its eight-year run in 1995. Princess Di died, a black man was elected president, and Seattle finally made a decision on the viaduct. And since then, how much have we heard from those identical Olsen sisters? Not very much. Yet Bob Saget has not only endured, he's thrived. He's mocked his nice-guy persona on Entourage, talked dirty in The Aristocrats, and done HBO specials. Even if he never received the Seinfeldian acclaim (or paycheck) of a true sitcom hit, Saget's been a working comic for over 30 years, and his durability stems in part from his regular-guyness and lack of a gimmick. No funny voices, no props, no reliance on politics. He's just Saget being Saget—now middle-aged, divorced, and a bit curmudgeonly. His Full House fame is part of his routine and even the basis for a song, a little ditty called "Danny Tanner Was Not Gay." The show gives him a ready punchline and an excuse for his constant cussing: "I did so much family television that I have Tourette's now." T. BONILLA

Thu., July 19, 7 & 9:30 p.m., 2012

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