Slack Fest

Cold canned beer. Hot sunshine. Hard rock mixed with a little country. An outdoor stage at a dirt racetrack. Chicks in tube tops. Mustaches. Hairy chests. Long hair. Camping. If you're thinking this is a description of every July concert held in Southern Illinois between the years 1973-1981, you'd be right. But it also describes the present-day Slack Fest, KEXP DJ Don Slack's annual concert camp-out held in the Stanwood sticks. The lineup is chockablock with local stalwarts, and the air smells like liberty. We're talkin' some fuckin'....muscle. With The Moondoggies, Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers, Hobosexual, The Rolling Stones, Hounds of the Wild Hunt, The Wayfinders, Big Wheel Stunt Show, Country Lips, Pipsisewah. MIKE SEELY

Sat., July 14, noon, 2012

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