826 Day

The average tutor usually sets up shop at the library, not at the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. (aka 826 Seattle), part of Dave Eggers' national reading and writing nonprofit effort. But these quirky storefronts—ranging from San Fran to Chicago to Brooklyn—provide public-school students aged 6-18 with palpable fodder for their imaginations, that, once fueled, are further primed with publishing projects, field trips, and valuable one-on-one tutoring, all for free. Each storefront sells T-shirts, buttons, etc. to help fill the coffers. But tonight, thirsty philanthropists over age 21 can raise a pint of beer in support of 826 Day. An an event also featuring prizes and live music, all you have to do it sit on your tuchus and buy a few rounds of 826 Luminosity—a crisp and refreshing golden ale made just for the occasion; 100% of the proceeds from those pints goes directly to 826 Seattle. And if that leaves your own reading ability impaired by the time you leave, it's probably best not to teach or tutor on Monday morning. GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT

Sun., Aug. 26, 4-7 p.m., 2012

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