The Reid-Secrest Olympics

Ten years ago, a 45-minute mockumentary called The Reid-Secrest Olympics was released by novice Seattle filmmaker Jason Reid. The plot was simple: Two lifelong frenemies—Reid as the Lion, schoolteacher Matt Secrest as the Dove—would train for and compete in a series of athletic events, from one-on-one basketball to arm wrestling to the 100-yard dash, to determine who was the superior specimen. Innovative and charming, it made a minor splash locally, and was accepted by a few small-time film festivals around the country. Then came the Duplass brothers' Do-Deca-Pentathalon, released here last month. That film's plot was—with brothers competing instead of friends—almost exactly the same as that of Reid, who's since garnered widespread acclaim as the creator of Sonicsgate. Was this the result of plagiarism by the mumblecore darling Duplass brothers, or is Reid simply Alfred Russel Wallace to their two-headed Darwin? Reid will be sure to address these and other pressing matters as he celebrates his first film's 10th-anniversary in his home neighborhood of Georgetown, where the doc will be screened along with a slew of never-before-seen extras. And, just as they did 10 years ago, the taps will flow. And flow. 21 and over. (NR) MIKE SEELY

Fri., Aug. 24, 9 p.m., 2012

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