Ken Jennings' Bumbershoot Trivia!

The Jeopardy champ wants to know if you know your 'Shoot.

(The Jeopardy champ penned this exclusive trivia quiz just for you! Seriously!) Can you match these Bumbershoot 2012 performers with little-known items from their resumes?

1. Fred Armisen

2. Tony Bennett

3. Futurama's David X. Cohen

4. Perry Farrell

5. Gotye

6. Sharon Jones

7. Brian Posehn

8. John Waters

a. Worked as an armored-car guard for much of the 1990s

b. Moved to California in his 20s to become a surfer

c. Was given his stage name by Bob Hope

d. Hitchhiked across America last summer for a book

e. Records in a barn studio built by his engineer father

f. Officiated Reed and Sue Richards' wedding in the Fantastic Four movies

g. Coined the word "cromulent," which now appears in Webster's

h. Used to drum for the Blue Man Group

Trivia Night With Ken Jennings, 7 p.m. Monday, Words & Ideas Stage

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