Fucked Up & Lightning Bolt

Fucked Up and Lightning Bolt are two amazing bands—especially live—who stretch the possibilities of punk and hardcore to opposite ends. Providence/Fort Thunder-based noise duo Lightning Bolt strip away everything except Brian Gibson's massive bass riffs, amplified through his impressive effects chain and amp rig, and Brian Chippendale's impossibly hard and frenetic drumming (as well as some unintelligible vocals gargled through a toy mic hidden in his patchwork stuffed animal monster masks). Canadian hardcore crew Fucked Up pile things on: three guitars (multi-tracked to sound like 100), vocal harmonies underpinning Damian Abraham's guttural screaming, epic punk rock opera lyrics meant for close reading. Some key things unite them, though: hugeness of sound, seek-and-destroy riffs, and not-to-be-missed live shows. Plus, it's only a punk rock $10. With Ceremony. ERIC GRANDY

Sat., Sept. 8, 8 p.m., 2012

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