Jeff Garlin

It took the success of Curb Your Enthusiasm to make Jeff Garlin a household name (well, among households that have HBO), and his serene counterweight to Larry David has also made them the best comic duo on television. But then there are the fat jokes, some of them cruel. Garlin's weight has gone up and down, and there's a tendency—see Oliver Hardy, Fatty Arbuckle, and John Candy—to ignore the pathos of the chubby sidekick Oh, look—he's stuffing his face! Hilarious, except when it's not. Garlin put food in the title of his sweet, little-seen 2006 rom-com I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With, and he even wrote a 2010 memoir about the serious consequences of obesity: My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World. Tonight, you can expect him to make jokes about his ongoing diet battles, the inanities of Hollywood, and the indignities of middle age. BRIAN MILLER

Sat., Sept. 29, 8 p.m., 2012

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