Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Jim Carrey plays Joel, an office-worker drone so stifled by his routine that the last two years of his cartoon journal/diary are blank. Kate Winslet plays Clementine, a flighty, mercurial bookstore-clerk drone from the same LIE exit. They meet cute at the beach. So—is this movie a simple opposites-attract formula job? Not at all; the Oscar-winning 2004 collaboration between French director Michel Gondry and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman is a heart-trip and a head-trip all at the same time. Joel opts to have the memory of Clementine removed from his brain by some shady operators (Mark Ruffalo, Elijah Wood, and Kirsten Dunst among them). Naturally the low-tech procedure goes very, very wrong. As love, memory, reality, and temporality are scrambled together, though, Eternal Sunshine does just about everything right. Movie screens at midnight. (R) BRIAN MILLER

Fri., Oct. 19; Sat., Oct. 20, 2012

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