The Dog and Pony Show

Fall is a tough time for dogs. Weeks ago they were frolicking outside in the sun, tongues lolling; now we're stuffing them into itchy wool sweaters, miniature football jerseys, and raincoats. (My guy's is pink, with a little hood and skull-and-crossbones insignia). Even worse, every dog's third most dreaded holiday—following the noisy Fourth of July and New Year's Eve—is tonight: Halloween. It's hard to think of another sight that inspires as much simultaneous pity (they're so miserable!) and joy (but they're so damn cute!) as a dog wearing Yoda ears, a hot dog bun, or a Superman outfit with fake human legs dangling down the front. But that's what the beastly bacchanalia The Dog and Pony Show will involve tonight in the courtyard/beer garden of the Brave Horse Tavern. Appropriate to the canine costume contest, the culinary theme will be hot dogs. (Edible prizes for the contestants come from Scraps Dog Bakery.) After an ordeal like this, you might feel obligated to buy your dog a pint or two. (21 and over.) ERIN K. THOMPSON

Wed., Oct. 31, 4-6 p.m., 2012

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