CNN's Ovulation Gaffe

The network reported on a woefully sketchy study, with priceless results.

The hottest political story of the year has to be: Do hormones drive women's votes? And the fact that CNN pulled a story on this topic from its website only hours after posting it shouldn't diminish its fertile contribution to the quirk-ridden science of predicting electoral behavior.

It just so happens, according to a new study to be published in Psychological Science, that single, ovulating females are far more prone to vote for liberals, while married, committed women usually press the lever for conservatives. The study theorized that single, hormone-firing women "feel sexier" when ovulating, propelling them to "lean more toward liberal attitudes on abortion and marriage equality"—and, by a margin of 20 percent, will be more inclined to vote for President Obama than Mitt Romney.

CNN's story was based largely on the research of Kristina Durante, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Texas at San Antonio, who conducted online surveys of several hundred women.

Pummeled with mockery and not-so subtle suggestions that the article was one large pile of pseudo-scientific horse manure, CNN caved and unpublished the piece. Still, it was too late to put the inflamed genies back in the bottle, as hordes of women took to Twitter and pounded out hundreds of priceless satirical gems. Our favorites:

"When I ovulate I'm all 'DEFICIT SPENDING SPURS THE ECONOMY' but when I'm not I want to privatize Social Security."

"There's no way I'm voting if I have my period that day [Nov. 6]. I'll be too busy running away from bears and staying out of shark-infested waters and not being allowed to make tomato sauce."

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