The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

In the early '90s, the word "swagger" was woefully underused, but it described the sexy, dirty rock of Jon Spencer perfectly. 1994's Orange, crackling with a raw, electric punk boogie, set the tone for a genre of indie rock to follow it (The White Stripes come to mind). The record's brassy chops stemmed from Spencer's garbled white-boy wail, but Judah Bauer's righteous axe and Russell Simins' maniacal drumming made it the lasting clincher it is. Orange has been long deemed their finest work, though the new album Meat + Bone is poised to contend the rank. Both Bauer and Spencer have been consumed with side projects—Cat Power and Heavy Trash, respectively—but, as Spencer says, "We still have that psychic glue that allows us to create music together." The singer has a new found Jagger-like snarl, and "Bag of Bones" is a fine tribute to Sticky Fingers-era Stones. With Quasi. GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT

Tue., Nov. 13, 8 p.m., 2012

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