Adam Carolla & Dennis Prager

When you think of politics, Adam Carolla is not the first name to come to mind. The veteran comic, who's lately expanded his domain into print and podcasting, generally wants to talk about women, cars, and the general suckiness of middle-age. Yet in a kind of post-election, Lincoln-Douglas debate format, he's agreed to share the stage with right-leaning radio host Dennis Prager. The two will square off about Obama versus Romney, McCain's Benghazi fixation, Nate Silver's predictive perfection, and whatever else comes to mind. (The show also concludes with an audience Q&A, if topics run dry.) How did the unlikely political bedfellows meet? They're both fans of the radio format and have appeared on each other's shows. And apart from party labels, both are traditionalists. On Prager's show, said the avowedly secular Carolla, "I don't understand when common sense and good old-fashioned logic became something we could debate. I agree with some of the stances that are associated with the Democrats. And I agree with some of the stances that are associated with the Republicans. But I sort of cherry-pick." BRIAN MILLER

Sat., Dec. 1, 7 p.m., 2012

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