JB Smoove

Jerry Brooks, the comedian who goes by JB Smoove, has a long list of supporting screen credits, from SNL to The Dictator, but it was Curb Your Enthusiasm that finally brought him broader fame. There he plays Leon Black, the fast talking, foul-mouthed freeloader who came to live in Larry David's L.A. home after Hurricane Katrina. After David, he's Curb's most quotable character, spouting such pearls of wisdom as, "You got long-ass balls, Larry. 'Long Ball Larry'—that's your new name." The most recent season of Curb ended ended with Larry and Leon crossing the country to stir up trouble in New York City. What happens next? We'll have to wait for season nine to begin. In the meantime, Smoove has been busy with the Comedy Central series Russell Simmons Presents: The Ruckus. On its website (theruckus.com) you can sample extra videos, like Smoove's review of Cloud Atlas, which devolves into him reading a love letter to Halle Berry: "Oh my sweet sugar Berry/I'm the man you should marry/Rubbin' your feet and kiss your ass/Got that perfect touch of class/Leave my wife and change my name/Share your money and your fame/So just pick me, you know you oughta/But first drop that restraining order." ERIN K. THOMPSON

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