Bobby Bare Jr. & The Maldives

While Bobby Bare Jr. and the Maldives both occupy the Americana realm, they are very different performers. Bare is a little too goofy at times, while the Maldives can come off a bit too stoic. The good news is that both have talent to burn, and if they rub off on one another, each act will be the better for it. Quibbling aside, this pairing only serves to reinforce what a fantastic out-of-the-way venue Bainbridge has in the Treehouse, which provides touring musicians and local stalwarts alike the chance to earn some extra dough while reaching an audience that's starved for great music—and panino rolls, a must-order beer base at this woodsy venue—they don't have to hop a ferry for. MIKE SEELY

Thu., Nov. 29, 8 p.m., 2012

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