Trash Talk & MellowHype

It's hard to believe that High on Fire's set the next day probably won't even claim the hardest pit of the week on the Hill, but break a taste off of any of Sacramento punkcore gang Trash Talk's material, and see if you don't feel like smashing something. The all ages accessibility of the show, and the band's association with every rebellious teen's favorite rap collective Odd Future also ensures some unruly thrashing on the floor. On the flip side, young co-headliners (and OF members) MellowHype (the individually and collectively talented Hodgy Beats and Left Brain) have more of a goofy gravity bong sort of vibe that should keep older members of the audience from having a heart attack—until they listen to the lyrics. With Key Nyata, Wreck. TODD HAMM

Thu., Dec. 13, 8 p.m., 2012

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