Lazer Ball NYE

If somehow we survive the zombie apocalypse and find ourselves faced with yet another brand new year, we might have the innovative sounds of our youngsters to thank for it. In the midst of apocalyptic Mayan prophecies and ever-increasing school shootings, looking to the creative youth in our communities is a good way to offset any holiday and/or existential blues you may be feeling. Smart rhymes, buzzy beats, and a blisteringly sharp social awareness unite this eve's bill of local hip hop acts, and from the first few lines spewed from Fresh Espresso's "Green Windows"—"In search of a rebirth...everything I see is a reflection of me"—we'd do well to usher in the new year in the company of such open hearts. With Grynch, Keyboard Kid, Metal Chocolates. GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT

Mon., Dec. 31, 9 p.m., 2012

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