Doug Benson

Though he presents himself as the laziest comic in America, addicted to junk food, pot, and movies, Doug Benson is actually quite the networked, industrious striver. Always an SRO event at Bumbershoot, his Doug Loves Movies podcast attracts loyal fans eager to match their trivia chops against Benson and his cohort. (Regulars include Paul F. Thompkins, Scott Aukerman, and Patton Oswalt—but that's no guarantee who'll appear today.) One hand on his smartphone—to check IMDb and emailed questions—and the other on the microphone, Benson is ever the friendly, shambling host. He was an early adapter to social media and Twitter, another reason for his devoted followers—many of whom attend his shows with special signs and costumes, something like the old Let's Make a Deal TV game show. Also, it doesn't hurt that Benson, always generous with his guest panelists, also dispenses plenty of free swag and prizes to his Twitter mob—sometimes even using a slingshot to send them out to the cheap seats. Why the odd, early start time? 420 is stoner lingo for toking up, now legal in Washington state, but please remember the Parlor is a no smoking venue. BRIAN MILLER

Sat., Jan. 12, 4:20 p.m., 2013

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