Victimless Crime

A man tries to have sex with a 14-year-old. Another man extorts him. Who gets charged?

Last Thursday on The Daily Weekly we noted that 28-year-old Adam C. Blazak—the man allegedly behind the mid-December "vigilante sex sting" at Hotel Five—has officially been charged with extortion by the King County Prosecutor's Office.

But what about the 19-year-old Seattle University student whom Blazak allegedly lured to Hotel Five with the promise of sex with an imaginary 14-year-old girl? According to a statement released at the time of the alleged crime, Seattle Police arrested both men, saying, "Detectives continue to investigate this bizarre case."

As laid out in charging documents filed against Blazak, the student in question allegedly admitted to investigators that he'd arrived at the hotel intent on having sex with a 14-year-old girl, though he did express concerns that she was "too young." According to investigators, the man—who's from Saudi Arabia and studying at Seattle University thanks to a student visa—claimed to be unfamiliar with U.S. age-of-consent laws. The student entered the sting, the documents say, when he responded to a Craigslist ad soliciting an "Asian or international student" to have sex with a young girl. He first responded about a week before the meetup, and e-mailed the poster more than 50 times.

Despite his apparent admission, Seattle Police Detective Mark Jamieson says the student was taken to the precinct for questioning, but never booked for a crime. "At the time we did arrest both, we took both to the precinct, where the younger guy—the college student—was interviewed and released from the station," says Jamieson. "We wrote up the report and we forwarded it to the Prosecutor's Office. So now it's going to be up to the Prosecutor's Office whether they want to pursue any charges on him.

"It looks like the way we wrote it up, he was pretty much considered a victim in this case," Jamieson continues, saying the student was "probably in police presence for an hour or so" before his release. "He was the victim of the extortion."

Noting that the man was never booked into jail on criminal charges, King County Prosecutor's Office Press Secretary Dan Donohoe confirms that the police report has been forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office, and says "There's still an ongoing investigation."

"It's still under review," explains Donohoe, saying there's no timeline for a charging decision to be made. E

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