Rae Diamond

Somewhere at the crowded intersection of literature, music, and beat poetry exists Three Songs, a performance/reading by Rae Diamond, who describes herself as a writer, astrologer, artist, musician and "former hardcore punk" who once caught rides on freight trains. Part of The Furnace's reading series, Three Songs is meant to explore a musician's experience with sound, hearing, and the sonic "mysteries" conveyed through the spoken word. Sounds meta? That's because it is: Vocalist Jessika Kenney will join Diamond to provide oral punctuation, chords, and various sound effects. In one audio snippet I previewed, the two artists ask, "Is there a sense of balance any more real than our sense of hearing?" Their performance may or may not answer that question. And if you miss it, don't worry, you can hear the broadcast at hollowearthradio.org. JEVA LANGE

Wed., Jan. 16, 6 p.m., 2013

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