Daughters of the Dead Sea

Break out the plaid flannel and ragged jeans you have hidden in your closet, because listening to the all-female trio Daughters of the Dead Sea will leave you in a '90s grunge nostalgia. The garage-punk sounds created between Iris's strong bass riffs, Mia's heavy drumming and Jen's gritty singing (the girls don't give out their last names) show these West Seattleites are perfectly at home in the birthplace of grunge music. The Daughters spent 2012 gracing many a local stage, and and songs from their October released EP The Killroom Sessions have made their way onto KEXP's airwaves. Looks like there's no slowing these ladies down. With No Passengers, Tacoma Finish. ASHLEY ROE

Sat., Jan. 26, 8 p.m., 2013

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