Lewis Black

Ever irate, Lewis Black delivers some of the sharpest commentary about our politics and culture. The Daily Show veteran is returning to Seattle after his wedding comedy One Slight Hitch ran at ACT last summer, and his new tour is appropriately called The Rant Is Due. Expect him to release all the pent-up anger and disillusionment from last year's election. ("Hallelujah, our long national nightmare is over," he recently declared. "Now we face a fiscal cliff. Sounds like an event from the X Games.") Yet beyond his sputtering, teeth-gritting, and violent finger pointing (which is really an act), Black the playwright intends to enlighten the audience, to grant us new understanding of an absurd world. He's an expert satirist who, with one well-crafted sentence, can light up the house with laughter, frighten onlookers with rage, and convert naysayers with airtight logic. DANA SITAR

Fri., Feb. 1, 8 p.m., 2013

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