Lonesome Shack

On the press page of Lonesome Shack's website, a bit written by a Luke Bergman describes the band's tunes as music "for those getting tired of hearing bands that are only shallowly influenced by American roots music." Funny thing is, Bergman is the bassist in the band. It's blatantly tongue-in-cheek, but these Cafe Racer regulars are known for the improvisation and whimsy they regularly infuse into their creative output. Collectively, Bergman, drummer Kristian Garrard, and guitarist Ben Todd are in a billion other bands, from much-loved folk duo Thousands to frenzied pop group Heatwarmer. Lonesome Shack's latest release City Man earns them a stake in country blues territory. Whatever they're doing, they do it well and have a good time doing it. And in the words of Bergman, Lonesome Shack is like "a wild dance party." With Betsy Olson, Country Lips. GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT

Fri., Jan. 25, 9 p.m., 2013

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