Seth Meyers

A 20-year-old friend from Australia recently told me that her celebrity crush is Seth Meyers. No way! Seth Meyers is also my celebrity crush. How does an older, slightly nerdy Jewish guy become the mutual, Pacific Ocean-spanning object of desire for 20-something females? I'm not sure, exactly, but Seth--we're on a first-name basis--falls into the same category of sexiness as Jon Stewart: smart, funny, compact, looks great in a suit. Oh, and there's also his crazy-successful career. Meyers has served as a head writer for Saturday Night Live for the past six years, and he's so good at hosting "Weekend Update" that he doesn't even need a co-anchor. With his wide-eyed, barely straight-faced delivery, it's like he can't believe he's getting paid to spoof the news. Meyers clearly takes joy in his role as a comedian--that much was clear when, at Anna Wintour's suggestion, he appeared at the CFDA Fashion Awards last June wearing an exact replica of the sheer black dress Marc Jacobs unironically wore to the prior Costume Institute Gala. The dress wasn't as flattering as Meyers' usual tailored suits, but damn, he still looked sexy. ERIN K. THOMPSON

Thu., Jan. 31, 7:30 p.m., 2013

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