Freaknight: 12 Arrested, 17-Year-Old Girl Found with 225 Crystal Meth Pills, Nobody Dead

Nobody died at Freaknight this weekend. Hooray! Event organizer USC’s increased security and huge industrial water stations seem to have done the trick, keeping the inner-organs of the Pacific Northwest’s PLUR population well hydrated and functional as they sweatily raved the night away.

SPD’s undercover officers had plenty of fun at the event too, arresting over a dozen people after they sold the officers MDMA, mushrooms and meth.

Among those arrested was a 17-year-old girl who was hawking 225 crystal meth pills and 35 molly pills, which I like to imagine she handed out in a plastic jack-o-lantern, trick or treat style. Where else could you stash all that? A neon fanny pack? A secret Spirit Hood pouch?

Officers also arrested a man, clad only in his underwear, running through the 20th floor of a hotel nearby. The man couldn’t remember his last name and said he had taken MDMA and “maybe some other stuff,” according to SPD.

Well stocked underage drug dealers and streakers aside, let’s all take a moment one more time to celebrate the fact that everyone left Freaknight alive this year. Well done everybody! Hydration rules.

Read SPD’s full Freaknight report here.

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