Two Seattle Businessmen Are Buying Up Hilarious Pot-Related URL's In Hopes of Profit

If you are one of the more than 2,600 applicants to sell legal marijuana in Washington, and you want to nab one of the URL's above—you'll have to shell out the big bucks, thanks to the wily business savvy of Seattle's Wayne Dixon and Daniel Brooks. As USA Today reports, the two started "," a site where you can peruse the 200+ weed-related web domains the duo have purchased for around $8.99 a piece in hopes of considerably higher re-sell rates (they are aiming for a $10k minimum):

"Although the pair hasn't sold any domain names yet, they are in negotiations with people in New York, Texas, California and even Australia and Switzerland.

The friends acknowledge that others can do what they're doing, but the two said they spend a lot of time researching marijuana topics and word combinations."

They indeed thought of lots of word combinations, many of which are hilariously confusing. They also considered the potential future for weed-smoker dating sites and marijuana fashion. Here are some highlights:

The list goes on. You can check out a full listing at

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