Police Looking For Suspected Bike Thief and Pooper

As the old saying goes, the only thing worse than getting your bike stolen is finding a huge pile of human shit left in its place.

And according to Q13’s Bhavisha Patel, that’s exactly the unfortunate fate one Seattle man met on Valentine’s Day. According to Patel, the unsuspecting man ventured out to the storage unit behind his house intent on taking a bike ride last Friday, but instead of being greeted by his fancy bike he was met by a fresh BM.

As Q13 reports:

According to police, the burglar used a crow bar to pry open the storage door to gain access to an expensive Cervelo racing bike inside. The burglar took off with the bike, police said, but not before leaving a single clue.

“(The) Bicycle was missing and the only thing that was left by the suspect was a pile of poop (human feces),” the police report says.

Nothing else was stolen for the storage unit.

The damage had been done.

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