Zillow Finds 37 Percent of Seattle Homes are 'Unaffordable' For Average Income Earners

In February we wrote about the percieved gentrification on Captiol Hill pushing low income earners out of the neighborhood and forcing them to scramble for housing in a market many feel they can't afford.

Online real estate site Zillow released a study today examining what percentage of homes are indeed affordable to average income earners in the country's major metropolitan areas. The study found that 37 percent, over 1/3 of Seattle's homes, remain unafforadable. While that number may seem high, the study found that "more than half of homes currently listed for sale in Miami (62.4 percent), Los Angeles (57.2 percent), San Diego (55.3 percent), San Francisco (55.2 percent), Denver (52.8 percent), San Jose (50.9 percent) and Portland, Ore. (50.3 percent) are unaffordable by historical standards," ​proving that we could be doing worse, if that's any relief.

As a helpful tool—Zillow also created an interactive map to aid people looking for affordable homes locate them in the Seattle Metro area.

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