The Weekly Dish: BRGR Bar's 'Gangnam' Burger

The meal that transcends its trendy name.

Heeeeeeeeey, sexy lady. You should try the “Gangnam Burger.” It’s been getting me to opp, opp, opp, open my mouth a lot recently. All right, I’ll stop with the jokes. I know the song it’s named after is two years old (which is like 60 in Internet years), but the burger itself moves beyond other novelty burgers because it’s not precious, covered in vinaigrette-soaked arugula leaves, or served on a French roll just for fanciness’ sake.

This creation by Pioneer Square’s BRGR Bar marinates the patty in Korean barbecue sauce, giving it a sweet, soy-saucy kick. Garlic aioli and housemade roasted-garlic mayo gives it a bite that you might not be used to in your burgers, a welcome innovation. A healthy heap of Oriental slaw on top lends it a satisfying crunch, and voilà. Normally, I’m a burger traditionalist—the furthest I’ll stray from the straight-up cheese/onion/tomato/lettuce recipe is maybe the occasional Texas-style barbecue burger—but something about the Gangnam Burger’s unconventional charm keeps me coming back. It might also be the BRGR Bar’s unreasonably delicious crinkle-cut sweet-potato fries, cooked perfectly so as to crunch on first bite before melting in your mouth. If Psy uploaded a video of him eating this meal, it would probably net him billions of views.

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